Recently, I was contacted by a writer named Maija Kappler from Huffington Post Canada, to discuss male friendships. We had a great chat and her piece was released two days ago.

I encourage you to go and read it and see how much of her piece resonates with you.

I want to...

December 20, 2018

What is Healthy Masculinity?

We have seen many changes in our society of late in how we are responding to #maleprivilege, #power, and the idea that ‘#boyswillbeboys.’ The terms ‘#healthymasculinity’ and ‘#toxicmasculinity’ are being thrown around more and more and it is...

October 28, 2018

What is Himpathy?

A pathological moral tendency to feel sorry exclusively for the alleged male perpetrator — it was too long ago; he was just a boy; it was a case of mistaken identity — while relentlessly casting suspicion upon the female accusers –  Kate Manne

One need...

In the current climate of #MeToo this video is very topical. It’s energizing to see men seeking to have conversations about this important and sometimes polarizing topic.

The importance of men using their privilege to support those that are affected by gender ineq...

Choosing a therapist can feel overwhelming and the need to research interventions and modalities to understand which one is best. Then, find a therapist using that modality who is someone you are comfortable to open up to  for an hour at a time to ‘get better.’


Mindfulness is not a new practice, but it has gained popularity in the last several years. The deliberate practice of mindfulness has become increasingly important as our lives shift away from being present in the moment to one where we are constantly, and consistently...

February 27, 2018

Therapy and Vulnerability: Why We Avoid Both and Why We Shouldn’t

Read Time – ~4 minutes

We spend time, energy, and money on our physical health, appearance, eating well, and our fitness, but when it comes to our mental well-being, why are we more reluctant? It is an int...

February 19, 2018

Working Differently with Men (Read Time – 2.5 minutes)

“Be a Man,” “Cowboy up,” “Grow a pair,” are all statements that we have heard in our lives. But what do they all really mean? Often there can be stigma to being who we wish to be for fear of being chastised. I grew...

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