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Don’t Be Afraid to Fail, Be Afraid Not to Try - Lessons from Yoda and Dad (2.5 Minute Read)

When I graduated high school, my father was asked to give a speech at the convocation ceremony. While I was busy goofing around on stage with my best friend beside me, my dad proceeded to deliver eloquent, and inspiring, words of wisdom.

One of the meaningful comments that he shared that day was borrowed by none other than #yoda himself. In that speech, my father shared the infamous ‘do or do not, there is not try’.

It has been one year since I opened my #privatepractice therapy clinic and I am so #grateful for everything, and everyone, that has contributed to its overwhelming success to date.

I do not have a background in business, so that side was very new and a steep learning curve as I started out. However, with the support of loved ones, and the right people in my life to consult, I have found my groove and a busy practice that has not stopped growing since #dayone and I am excited to see where it takes me!

#failure has always been my #nemesis and something that has even stopped me from acting on my desires. Actually, the fear of failure, so not even failure itself was the enemy.

For myself, taking time to take a breath, chart the course, #accept that failure is growth, and also to #challenge if what I was experiencing was in fact, failure have been the keys to moving forward.

I am here today, grateful that I tried, grateful that I had the privilege to take the risk, and excited to see my next steps.

Remember, it is only failure if we do not learn from it, otherwise, it is growth. Never be afraid to grow.

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