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Huffington Post Media Feature on Men and Loneliness

Recently, I was contacted by a writer named Maija Kappler from Huffington Post Canada, to discuss male friendships. We had a great chat and her piece was released two days ago.

I encourage you to go and read it and see how much of her piece resonates with you.

I want to thank Maija for the opportunity and for sharing a piece on something that I feel strongly about and is an important conversation for us to be having when it comes to men and their emotional and mental health. Belo is a snippet from the article and the link to the full article here

Alexander Cameron, a Toronto-area psychotherapist who’s worked with men’s groups and says his clients are mostly men, told HuffPost Canada that strict gender stereotypes are a big part of the problem.

“It takes vulnerability to find and make friends, and vulnerability is something that as men, we’re taught isn’t a safe space to be in,” he said.

“When we get into that sort of mindset — ‘I just gotta white-knuckle through this’ — asking for help is weakness. It’s showing that I don’t know what I’m doing, or I don’t have control.”

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