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I Support #Pinkshirtday

‘It can be very isolating to be the victim of any type of bullying. The danger of that isolation is that the person can feel even more alone and that they may even deserve it because nobody is saying or doing anything. The mental health effects of experiencing bullying can last much later into adult life and present as depression or anxiety symptoms.” -

Before the new year, I was lucky enough to be approached by the team at Carrot Rewards to explore the possibility of being a freelance writer with their team!

Needless to say, as a user of the app and a fan as well, I was extremely honoured and excited to do so. The above quotation is from my post on bullying in support of Pink Shirt Day, a day to raise awareness around, and help bring an end, to bullying.

I joined the team as a #mentalhealth writer and since then I have written 3 pieces for them, with 2 being published on their site currently.

One of these was posted today on #cyberbullying in support of #pinkshirtday and is a very informative short read for people being #bullied and for people who know someone that is being bullied.

The article includes a definition of cyber bullying, how bullying can affect people, and how to support both adults and youth that may be experiencing being #bullied in their lives.

I encourage everyone to take a read and also take a stance on this extremely important subject. It is time to #endbullying everywhere and for everyone.

Click on the link above to read the entire article and leave a comment on the page for others to read!

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